With nature and care

Located in Bournemouth on the south coast, BabyBourne is here to provide you with the information and services to set up home with your new baby. Our services run from tongue-tie division consultations (including referral letters to a specialist Consultant) to baby massage training, and lots inbetween too.

Our philosophy is to create a fully inclusive environment and help you learn how to build stronger connections with your baby through massage.

Our courses are for anyone who's a parent, our goal is to help you and your baby bond and give you the skills to do this.

You can learn how to massage and comfort your baby during the first 12 months from birth using touch, voice and other techniques to calm and sooth them or get our breastfeeding support and care package.

We provide training for:

  • Groups
  • Private one-to-one sessions
  • Mums and Dads
  • Couples
  • LGBTQIA parents
  • Parents of children with a disability

Our training is designed to suit your needs, why not get a group of your friends together, or come along to one of the courses and make new ones.

We create a happy and relaxed atmosphere for you and of course, if you have any questions please contact us for further details.

What our customers say

“Very helpful and happy instructor. Relaxed and friendly environment.” “Alice was very calm and patient with the group and giving myself a lot of confidence.” “We loved the sessions! Thank you!”
Group course attendees, Bournemouth