How much does it cost?

We've got a full list of our available courses here and with the wide range we provide, we're sure you'll find something just right for you. Of course, please feel free to get in touch and contact us if you can't find something specific.

Our courses run for four weeks on a Wednesday evening. Each class is an hour, turn up a few minutes early to get settled in and say hi to everyone if you're on a group course.

The group course starts at £45.00 for one baby, £80.00 for twins with a maximum of eight babies per course. If you have twins, you need to makes sure you have one adult per baby though.

We also have private one-to-one classes available. These sessions, depending on location start from £90.00 for three sessions, during which you have the whole hour focused on you for that extra level of training. No additional charge for twins with the private one-to-ones either.

Why not book one for you and your friends to have together? We also host baby massage parties, for friends to hold in their own homes. Contact us for a price.

What do I need to know before the course?

This is quite easy, you don't need to know much at all. We will provide everything you need for the training course you're on, and if your baby is sleeping and won't wake up, we have a practise training doll you can use.

You can turn up to the course a few minutes before it begins to get settled, and if you're in a group, introduce yourself to the other parents to help get relaxed.

Our courses run on set schedules and are pre-booked for those days. Unfortunately refunds cannot be given if you miss a class but if you give us at least 48 hours notice, we may be able to fit you in to another group but only if there is an available space.

What if I have an anxious or tearful baby?

It's important for you to know that sometimes, and if your baby is one of those who doesn't like to be touched or massaged that we will show you how to encourage your baby to accept your touch in a postitive way, and help you build your own confidence to give baby massage.

Many babies have anxiety, don't worry, baby massage is the best way to help them get over this. We understand it can be stressful for you as a parent in how to deal with this, and we'll help you develop your own skills, and build up the massage in steps that you and your baby are happy with.

If you have any questions about this, contact us for more details.

My baby has a disability, can I still learn baby massage?

Yes, yes, and yes! We're fully inclusive and have experience of working and caring for children with a disability. BabyBourne will treat you no differently to any other Mum or Dad, in fact we'll make you feel more welcome.

Baby massage for those with disabilities is an excellent choice. The massage will help them with muscle growth and conditioning, promote better respiration and circulation and put a smile on your baby's face.

These are some of things that baby massage can help with if your child has a disability:

  • Helps the hands to grasp
  • Relaxes tight muscles
  • Stimulates muscle tone for hypertonic babies
  • Increases infant’s ability to maintain a functional alert state
  • Helps babies to accept and tolerate positive touch – this is especially beneficial for babies who are/have been hospitalised or have undergone multiple surgeries or treatments
  • Increases infant’s ability to gain weight
  • Helps infant to sleep longer and deeper
  • Helps decrease gas, constipation and gastrointestinal tract illnesses and distress, especially when linked to medication
  • Helps regulate tactile hyper or hypo sensitivity
  • Improves eye contact and socialisation
  • Improves circulation, decreases mottling
  • Decreases fist clenching and shoulder reactions
  • General bonding and relaxation
  • Enhances parent’s confidence and competence in looking after their baby
  • Helps parents to understand their infant’s cues
  • Teaches positive, loving touch
  • Promotes breastfeeding milk supply

If your baby has a disability and you'd like to ask us anything specific, contact us for more details.

What our customers say

“Very helpful and happy instructor. Relaxed and friendly environment.” “Alice was very calm and patient with the group and giving myself a lot of confidence.” “We loved the sessions! Thank you!”
Group course attendees, Bournemouth